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Knuckle Deep in the Nose of Freedom

April 19, 2011

Picking the nose of freedom can lead to boogers of Marxism.

Choking the chicken of #winning, just might lead us to wherever it is Emilio Estevez went.

Ignoring the lessons of Chernobyl, will eventually lead to GE making billions by not paying taxes, while killing us with the winds of Fukushima.

All signs point to a failing education system, because conservative Democrats feared Ralph Nader.

Many humans currently living in the Homeland fear green salads.  And of those patriots who fear the green salad, most of them would be better off fearing the Border Patrol Agent…who does not speak Farsi, Pashto or Hebrew.  Why?  Because we’re a bit ‘touched‘.

Some of us who know that most green salads are made by Monsanto, also know that new wars to replace the old wars, only works in the soiled mind of John McCain’s diaper.

Marxist boogers come from being knuckle deep in the nose of freedom.

This is why I’m considering buying every episode of Magnum PI ever made and watching them in chronological order with Todd Palin.  Both because it just seems like a good idea and I’d love to see what John McCain knew, before he knew that we might find out?

Happy Tuesday and please don’t eat any seafood from the
planet Earth.

Freedom's Nose Knows

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  1. April 19, 2011 23:00

    I like that, please don’t eat any seafood from the planet Earth.


    • April 20, 2011 08:01

      Perhaps NASA needs an infusion of the Pentagon’s dollars, so we can find some edible seafood from space? You know, before we ruin the cosmos too.


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