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Charles Manson Sane as He Ever Was

April 20, 2011

It’s not every day one can claim that the psycho killer Charles Manson, makes more sense than those operating the Homeland.  But look, I just did.

Charles Manson describes himself as a bad man, who brain washes and kills people.  Manson also believes that global warming and the pillaging of whats left of the earths resources, may just be the end of us all.

Well that’s just nuts.

Manson is no crazier than Florida’s Terry Jones, who wants to burn the Koran…while ‘armed’, outside of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan, because he hates the troops.  Say, perhaps you Homelandian’s living in the corporate devastated area’s around, in and or near Dearborn, can show up and tell Terry Jones what a piece of shit he is.

French fired-taters and mustard?

Florida, making Arizona seem almost bright…since 1952!’

So let’s recap for those with the attention span of a Selena Gomez Twitter.

Charles Manson…crazy, Terry Jones…crazier.  Arizona…racist breeding ground of armed half-wits, Florida…worse.

President Obama has been very busy confusing the racist Teabangers and their almost as dense, yet distant cousins…who inhabit the progressive Democratic party of Prius drivers.

On one hand, we have the Teabanger, who hates everything Obama has done better than Bush, because he is indeed not white.  The Teabanger hates Obama’s ability to deport more Mexicans than Bush.  They hate his ability to expand the never-ending wars, on Africa, Islam and anyone who speaks Spanish.  The Teabanger is confused as to how a black man could kill so many humans of color…and still be loved by the progressive Democrat, whose Prius still sports a Hope sticker of Change.

On the other hand…I wonder too.

There’s Wall Street, K Street, signing statements, Guantanamo and the trillions for war, but none for you.  There are billions for Bank of America and there are millions for torturing Bradley Manning.

There’s also millions to help other freedom fighters of the world, try and maintain a free and open internet.  We get Janet Napolitano.

There’s a job for General McChrystal but just death for Pat Tillman.

America is overrun with McDonlad’s jobs, CEO’s are getting raises, Florida’s unemployed can get some awesome capes and for the rest of us, we get Terry Jones or the Army?

The easy answer is yes.

The easier answer is that Obama is the better Bush and Manson isn’t any crazier than Florida.

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