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Hoax Us Poke Us

April 13, 2011

President Obama is going to assist the Homelands financial situation, by further taxing the poor and increasing the wars, while liberally stroking the rich, by slicing your Medicare and torturing Bradley Manning.

The President will then shudder the EPA and hire BP to enforce environmental law, right after he implements Operation Educmication, which requires all students to maintain a .09 GPA. Or lower.

To a Birfer Teabanger…Obama’s actions spell godless, Michael Moore-like liberal policies, with a smattering of Marxist Communism all wrapped up in a Kenyan conspiracy.

To a Reagan Republican…Obama’s actions seem pretty awesome, but their inner racist keeps them hooded and semi-interested in Sarah Palin’s cleavage.

To a Progressive Democrat…Obama’s actions are the best they can hope for, because if a Republican were to win in 2012…ZOMG!, we could see endless war, torture and tax cuts for the rich!

To George W Bush…Obama’s actions are pretty much what mummy and daddy had in mind when they birfed him.  They’d dreamed of a whiter shade of corporatocracy…but you know, whatever.

Keeping the poor white humans uneducated, poor and ready to kill for Boeing, Lockheed Martin and God, is what makes the most profit for Wall Street.  Keeping the poor white humans of the Homeland afraid of humans with skin color…is what keeps the DEA and the private prison corporations happy.

Of course in a place Disney jokingly calls “reality”,  we’re all in this together.  But the less we know, the more we’ll keep buying Seattle Mariners and Seahawks gear.  This year baby!  This year!!

Hocus pocus and sim sala bim!  Bin Laden is still rich and they’ve hoaxed us and poked us again!

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