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We Can’t Survive if We’re Dead

April 12, 2011

Exciting news out of Japan!  Evidently, when several reactors explode and fuel rods burn…bad shit happens?

Milk was already bad for us, not just because it’s for cows stupid, but because of the chemical soup that the milk is swimming in.  The growth hormones and antibiotics were just an added bonus.  Now we have to deal with the radiation too.

There were a few reports of the radiation levels in water and milk being just a teensy-weensy bit higher, than a TSA gloved finger of freedom — being shoved up your ass for terrorists.  Hell, big media even made it sound like radiation was better for you than Medicare.

Of course, as with many things in the Homeland, most of what we hear, read and inject into ourselves is bullshit.  Or worse.

The maximum pretend threshold for iodine-131 in your already contaminated milk, is 3.0 pico Curies per Liter (pCi/l).

Three samples of milk in three geographically different corners of the Homeland…have far exceeded the pretend safe level of irradiated milk.

Phoenix, Arizona came in at 3.2 pCi/l and no illegal brown-skinned humans were involved.  Little Rock Arkansas tested at 8.9 pCi/l, more than 3 times the pretend safe level.  Hilo, Hawaii though…is the winner.  It’s iodine-131 tested at 18 pCi/l, 16 times worse than the pretend safe levels.

As if that wasn’t bad enough…Hilo’s milk also came back with Cesium-137, at 19 pCi/l and a death inducing 24 pCi/l for milks best friend…Cesium-134.

It’s a good fucking, gosh golly, good darn thing we aren’t testing the milk, water and crops of the Homeland, for plutonium and uranium!  Whew!

For more on this, try clicking right here.

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We can’t fight for our rights if we’re homeless, unemployed, sick and insurance-less. We also can’t imprison the war criminals of Wall Street, K Street or Obama’s Bush street if we’re under surveillance.

It’s also tough to survive if we’re dead.

Now enjoy your cereal, latte’s and the never-ending wars on ourselves, Islam and what’s left of your immune system…then thank a Democrat and their complicit 4th Estate, for fighting so gosh darn hard against it all.

Those blue sky’s sure were nice.

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