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Bonds Today Jordan Tomorrow

April 14, 2011

Justice is not a well-known commodity in the Homeland.  Porn, cults and a video-less MTV fare much better on the known chart.

The Department of Justice does not exist to convict criminals like Bush, Rumsfeld and Clinton.  It exists to protect criminals like Bush, Rumsfeld and Clinton.  Fortunately for President Obama, we the Patriot Acted can’t recall last week, let alone his policies of death, destruction and torture for Wall Street…aren’t all that much different from the last pick any Presidential administration.

So we get what we had here last week…a “birfer” Donald Trump running for the leader of the semi-free world and Barry Bonds convicted of lying about baseball.

In a perfect world, Bush, Cheney and Ricefeld would be in Obama’s not yet almost closed Guantanamo.  Being that our world is owned by the likes of Trump, who are protected by the likes of the DOJ and Homeland Security…perhaps they’ll go after Michael Jordan next?

As a devout Clyde Drexler fan, I can tell you that Jordan traveled every time he came near a ball.  He traveled on the free-throw line, he traveled here, he traveled there…he even traveled with Craig Ehlo in his shorts.

Justice for the people.  Barry Bonds today and we can only hope Michael Jordan tomorrow.

Be Vigilant Ken Griffey Jr., word on the street says you’re next.

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