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Different Sameness

April 11, 2011

A just killed Pakistani child’s spirit — can’t tell the difference between a Prius’ gas mileage, from that of a 500hp Dodge Challenger.

The spirit of a just killed Afghani child — can’t tell the difference between BP or ExxonMobile.  That same child’s spirit, also can’t differentiate between the Jihad of al Qaeda from the Jihad of McChystal and Petraeus.

The spirit of a long ago killed Iraqi child — doesn’t know Saddam from Bush, or Bush from Obama, or Obama from Clinton.

The just killed spirit of a kid in name any town in America — knows the difference between who puts food on the table, books in their hands and clothes on their backs…from those who say one thing and invade another.

A girl washing a Prius in a bikini — gets more mileage per sponge, than a girl washing a Ford F-350 in a nun’s habit…yet Malia and Sasha Obama are unable to differentiate between the dreams of their father, from the audacity of George Tenet.

Different sameness!  It’s pretty much the same difference.

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