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The Snowgasm and a Park Ranger

February 24, 2011

Last night my teevee exploded in a premature snowgasm of epic proportion.  Yes, yes…it’s never happened before.

As if the snowgasm wasn’t enough…I was then treated to a King 5 investigative report!, about Washington State Park Rangers and their free housing.

I walked away secure in the knowledge that evidently, it had snowed and Park Ranger housing is the reason we’re so deeply in debt and stupid.

So as I’m apt to do…I did some investigating of my own.

All three of the Teabangers I interviewed for this story, were convinced that King 5 news is part of the elite liberal media, because there’s an Asian woman on it.  All 1425 moderate Democrats that I interviewed for this story…had never been to a state park, but thought Ferry captains made too much money and assumed that Obama’s wars had less effect on us, than those goddamned ferry workers.

Bush Crimes are Obama Crimes

Being that King 5’s Susannah Frame drove all the way to Fort Flagler, only to ask a conservative think tank what it thought about park ranger housing…I think it’s fair that we now blame Susannah for the Patriot Act, Vietghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo.

The troops want you to know…that fighting for Boeing and Bechtel, wasn’t why they signed up.  They’re there…because Susannah Frame is at Fort Flagler.

The Patriot Act is still with us, not because of our support of Israel, but because Susannah Frame is at Fort Flagler.

Torture and war crimes are now acceptable to us all, not just because Obama is the better Bush…but because Susannah Frame is at Fort Flagler.

Susannah Frame and King 5 news pass off Tim Eymanesque bullshit as news, because Susannah Frame was at Fort Flagler…not Vietghanistan, telling you about General William Caldwell.

Many Park Rangers are lazy retirement hunters…living in park housing.  Most are not.  But I can assure you, none of them are responsible for your useless 401k, your child’s shitty education, health scare or even Governor Gregoire’s Rossi-like budget slashing.

Think Wall Street, endless wars and Susannah Frame.

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  1. February 24, 2011 10:27

    Same crap around here with county parks owned homes where employees stay. No plans to raze the homes to save on insurance, taxes, utilities and upkeep. Just giving them the boot to make it appear as if they’re busy doing something with the budget.

    Letter from my congressperson that landed in my mailbox indicates safety is more important than the -4th Amendment of the Nonstitution.


    • February 24, 2011 13:15

      It’s all about the show isn’t it…

      Imagine trillions spent on putting Bush in GITMO, or trillions spent on educating the Jesus out of public schools and gubmint.

      I think Canada and Mexico are probably going to build walls just to try and keep us in.


  2. Tenzing permalink
    February 24, 2011 15:20

    “I think Canada and Mexico are probably going to build walls just to try and keep us in.”

    Nope. Being smarter than their immediate neighbors to the north, the Mexicans are saving themselves a lot of effort and money, and letting the Gringos do it for them.

    The Canadians are hoping to get the same deal, and with the Repugnocrats in charge here, their chances are pretty darn good.


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