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Threat Level Charlie Sheen

February 24, 2011

In a shocking turn of events that everyone in most of the pretend free world saw coming, your Bush-era terrorist threat levels, were all based on the amount of cocaine that Charlie Sheen may have ingested on any given day.

A fairly reliable system, but Charlie couldn’t read the secret messages that were hidden in Al Jazeera broadcasts.  For that we needed less cocaine and a lot more money.  Combine the money and the idiots in the entire Bush Administration with Dennis Montgomery…and you’ve got a pretty good idea of why Two and a Half Men is so popular.

Go to Playboy’s article and read all about it, right here. (Playboy has disappeared the article, try here for more,)

If you’re a bit put off that everything you hold dear, was either being protected by the frequency of Charlie Sheen’s cocaine usage, or some fat dude with a fake computer program…well, you’ll be happy to learn that Charlie has been laid off by Governor Scott Walker…

There’s always a bright side to every pathetic story of Homeland protecting tomfoolery…I mean look at Mitchell and Jessen? No?  Yes!

You can also take comfort in the fact that air pollution is now worse for you than cocaine.  Or you could just go search for free photos on Playboy’s website.

Hey, if we could all live like Charlie…the world would be pretty much just what you see now.

Golf clap?  Yes thank you.

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