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February 18, 2011

As the out of touch Teabanging offspring of the Koch Cowards two, have come to find…Homelandian’s will only take so much.

If Madison, Wisconsin is to be believed…then the awakening may have finally begun.  Most sane Homelandian’s enjoy their 5 day work week and their 8 hour work day…with the occasional vacation thrown in for good behavior.  Child labor went the way of the immigrant child, who does the work their employers don’t want to have to pay…we the slowly awakening to do.

Check out the words of the frightening Noam Chomsky.  If given a choice between listening to Noam or Nader…progressive Democrats will always choose war crimes, torture and the gutting of the Constitution.  See Obama and Bush for more.

As you hopefully saw the other day, the war machine and Hillary Clinton are unable to accept, that we run the goddamn show.  The unions have begun to push back.  And it’s spreading.

Like it or not, those who believe the earth is 6,000 years old and those who think churches need to be taxed back to the dinosaur days…are all in the same predicament.  Our government is out of control.

The white minority in Texas, think they can keep ahead of the wave of the once enslaved.  The Hispanic and the African American humans of the Texas sector, now outnumber the Bush.  Look to Wisconsin mi compadres…stop voting for your repressor and take the Alamo back.

If Wisconsin can stand up, why not Seattle?  Why not Portland…LA, Oakland or San Francisco?

ILWU alone…could lock the ports and end the wars, because the complicit Democrats will not.

The union labor that drive the Homeland’s trucks, operate the railroads and the airlines…could shut everything down.

What are we waiting for?  Yemen?

Robert Gates is warning the Congress for K Street, that it should not cut the $52 billion dollar State Department occupation of Iraq.  Obama is mulling over spending and sending, another 73,000 more troops to Vietghanistan.

Where is the Teabanger draft?

How about another $125 billion just to sustain the never-ending Vietghanistan occupation?  And still people ask, where…where! could we save hundreds of billions of dollars?  Where!?  Why?

There’s a war in Afghanistan?

Do not blame Obama for the economic disaster that Bush created.  Blame fucking everybody and do something constructive for once in your life.

Stop reading about the scary fake Anarchist’s at the Slog, turn off Glee and quit molesting your dog.

To be free of the insanity…see Egypt and try Iraq.  Then multiply Rove by Rumsfeld and you’ll be pretty much on track.

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  1. Tenzing permalink
    February 18, 2011 19:40

    “If given a choice between listening to Noam or Nader…progressive Democrats will always choose war crimes, torture and the gutting of the Constitution. See Obama and Bush for more.”

    ‘Fraid so.

    Progs are essentially the allies of the oligarchs and Tea-Baggers.


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