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Change is Underfoot

February 17, 2011

The great wave of pretend change is underfoot and “this change”, will be brought to us by what remains of the crumbling Republican Party.

In other words my fellow lazy Homelandian’s, change will not come from the left, but from those who fear “Muslins” and your Kenyan President by way of Hawaii.

It’s “funny“, because people actually believe that Kenya is one of the lesser Hawaiian Islands.

When Bush went home to New England Texas, he took the angry war protesting/impeachment friendly Democrats with him.  It appears that illegal wars on the world, marijuana and our rights—sucked under Bush, but are fine and dandy under Obama.

Take Rep. John Conyers for example.

Head Impeacher

John wrote the book on all things impeachy, but in reality, John ended up being more like Rep. Norms Dick— than a peacenik.  And we did then MoveOn…dot org.

When the Koch Brothers invented the Tea Party, it closely resembled one-ply toilet paper—semi-useful at times, except you’re often left with shit on your fingers when your done with it.

So here we find ourselves.  The Tea Party doing what no three progressives dared—attempting to cut the budget of the Pentagon, because our troops should be home trying to protect us from our real enemy—Homeland Security.

Our troops should be home protecting us from Monsanto, Blackwater and Wall Street. Our troops should also be in Arizona, Texas and Alaska, trying to protect us from the shallow end of the gene pool Jihad.

We can Twitter ourselves to oblivion and back again, but no Egyptian like change will occur here, until WikiLeaks or Anonymous, forces Colin Powell to demand the answers that he already knew…

Good luck with that Colin.  Try talking to Judith Miller, she knows too much already.

I really hate to thank any Teabanger for his fears, but what have the progressives left us?  The better Bush and the never-ending wars?

Let’s forget about MoveOn and the Daily Show.  Lets stop waiting for Olbermann and his triumphant return.

Shut down the ports, the highways and the jets.

Close the Homeland factories and mills, that are not currently operating in China or Korea.  No UPS, no FEDEX Express.  Hospitals, colleges and Starbucks?  Hell yes!

Perhaps if we had a viable porn union, to shut that industry down…then along would tumble Wal-Mart, Safeway, AOL and Mickeefrickindees?

Damn it!  I’ve just burst my own bubble.  Never mind, go about
your day.

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