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Nethercutt and Sexy Spokane

February 10, 2011

Headlines tell a deeper story than the actual digital words written on pretend, Kindle-like pages.

Since the Homeland is inundated with the various headlines of important events, like who’s banging whom and which Congresshuman was trying to hide it…I thought this would be a great day for George Nethercutt to pass along some wisdom.

Some former politicians learn from their mistakes and go on to lead productive lives as attorneys, who then help corporations like Blackwater/Xe avoid the light of day.

Others go on to be George Nethercutt.

George is no Debra Wilde…but I’d ride with Deb any day, before I’d let Nethercutt drive the Homeland into Latah Creek.

The Pacific Northwest Inlander, has once again allowed the great disappointment that was George Nethercutt’s once promising hairline…to speak to the Spokane masses about George W Bush’s failure as a President.  Go here, read some.

I find the words that Nethercutt’s ghost writer (Todd Palin) faxed over to the Inlander, to be just slightly more amusing than burnt toast.

The fact that George had to spew Todd’s words of revisionist history about the BushBama wars and how W kept the nation safe on 9/11…in the Inlander’s Sex Issue…just this side of priceless.

Todd Palin still using a fax machine, also tells us a great deal about Nethercutt’s definition of term limits, war crimes and hairy palms?

Let’s talk about it!
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    • February 10, 2011 16:17

      I’m with Jimmy Kimmel…Harry Baals must be celebrated….okay, I’m done.


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