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Congress 112, House vote: Vote 26: H R 514

February 9, 2011

Congress 112, House vote: Vote 26: H R 514…Better known as the day the House Tea Party Republicans, pretended to stop the Patriot Act in its evil doing tracks.

Of course we know better.  For the Homeland cannot be a Homeland without its Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act cannot act, without the Democrats who continually vote for it.  Your FBI cannot ignore your rights against unlawful spying and or door kicking in—while being an activist…without the Patriot Act, its National Security Letters…or the Democrats.

In the Washington State sector of the glorious Homeland, several pretend liberal Democrats voted for more Patriot Acting.  And they’ll vote for more Patriot Acting again.

Norm Dicks, Jay Inslee, Rick Larsen and Adam Smith…are doing all they can to keep the Bush Dream alive!  Can I get an amen!

In related news of the corporate liberal Democrat…President Obama, ever the better Bush that he is…is looking to cut about $2.5 billion from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, because Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and Janet Napolitano is threatening us with more terror.

I guess just like our freedom, the never-ending global wars on terror are free.  They cost you nothing, so there is therefore…nothing to cut!

Congress 112, House vote: Vote 26: H R 514

We do like our pleasure spiked with pain, no?

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