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Email from Cairo

February 2, 2011

We only want to spread democracy where we can use force and Halliburton.  Then we send in the Starbucks troops to finish the survivors off.

This is why what’s occurring in  Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia…scares the living shit out of the Obama administration.  None of it is going quite as planned.  The people are standing up against our puppets…it’s just that simple.

The pro Mubarak-Obama Homeland forces, have begun to push back harder.  But it’s not going to be enough, the people have spoken.

Code Pink is in Cairo, because they don’t care who wins the Super Bowl…God I miss active humans like them…

I’m forwarding an email from Cairo, where Medea and several others are hold up in a cafe…watching the events unfold around them.  Hopefully we’ll hear more from them soon…and have removed email addresses and other names etc.

Please Post!
Linda and all,
Medea, Jace, Billy, Felice  and 6 others are holed up in an internet cafe as the pro Mubarek and anti Mubarek factions fight and hurl stones at each other in Tahir square and the side streets. Windows are being boken, bloodied people are being hualed off as 30 years of pent up anger and frustration are vented.  It is believed by many Egyptians the internet was intentionally turned off until the pro Muberak people rallied and then attacked the very peaceful controlled anti Mubarek people ant then it was turned out just before the outbreak to make it look like there has always been this chaos.  In reality the thousands and milllions of pro democracy peopl;e have been very disciplined, peaceful, intentional and united in their message and presence of  dissent against the brutal dictatorship and regime of Mubarek.
The ebb  and flow in and out of the streets continues, it’s been going on for almost  2 hours now.  The metall door is pulled down over the internet and the Egyptians in the cafe are upstairs laying low.  there are several internationsal in here, one man has been trying to video from a slat under the door.
We are told that it’s 20/1 anti Muberak but today we were told the pro Muberak people paid to have people in the streets.
There is a loll now but we still hear shouting.
Time for the World to step up and support these brave people who want freedom and justice.
They feel it is now or never and are working  very hard and being so courageous to ensure that their children will have the peace they deserve.
Thank  you for passing this info to whomever
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  1. Tenzing permalink
    February 2, 2011 20:05

    Thanks, Lens.

    Here’s a message from Medea written today–


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