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SOTU said GTFOH then STFU and left with OPP

January 26, 2011

Yes, it’s the Vigilant Lens report back on the State of the Union Address!  God help us all.

Many stupid things were alluded to, many things were ignored and Michele Bachmann was allowed on your teevee.

I find that Michele is far more entertaining to watch…as I think she actually believes what she’s saying.  She’s a bit like Gump, with a touch of Rain Man…all wrapped up in a Clinton.

And my readers in Virginia think I’m nuts?

Anyway, President Obama’s SOFTU was everything I’d heard it could be.  It was long, it ignored the Depression and the really-really fucking expensive Bush wars that are now Obama’s and we still have no idea how fabulously poisoned the wine is that comes from anywhere near Tri-Cities Washington.

The SOFTU was all GTFOH! and STFU! and then the President left us with some OPP, which would be Bachmann, for those of you playing along at work.

Remember, the wars are free and are being brought to you by GE, Boeing and Comcast/NBC Universal…because you thought FOX News was full of shit.

Jesus, what’s next?  Border Patrol Agents calling for the legalization of plants?

Yeah you know the Homeland!  (add NBC/Comcast laugh track here)

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