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Murder by JPMorgan Daley

January 6, 2011

About 1142 of us in the Homeland are keenly aware…that Obama is about as liberal as Laura Bush is a good drunk driver.

As with many former presidents of the Homeland, President Obama is killing us slowly via attrition by Wall Street, global wars, a lack of decent, affordable health care and fields full of natural healthy goodness…brought to us by Monsanto.

If I’m lying…then President Obama will most certainly not select William Daley of Chicago and JP Morgan Chase crime family fame—as his new chief of staff.

Hey whad’ Ya know, looks like I’m not a liar after all!

Welcome aboard the continuing gravy train Mr. Daley.  The financial crowd that gained their wealth and power on the backs and mortgages of the middle/working classes of the Homeland…are ecstatic.

Perhaps William will break out Al Gore’s dusty lockbox and finish us off, by locking away any remaining chances that any of us, ever had of retiring from our minimum wage, benefits free careers at
Taco del Walmart

For a really super important take on this Obama appointment, that proves once and for all, the president’s departure from all things wholesome, conservative and American…I give you Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue and his immediate reaction “Fuck yes!!“…more or less.

For the rest of us, there’s a new surge coming in Vietafghanistan, because we’re not the Soviets.

Thank you Mr. President, for being a much better Reagan…in the form of a better Clinton, minus the oral sex.

A cynical manipulation of a large number of people…it does happen.”  It’s like Sting was some kind of genius!  Or a mind reading soothsayer.

A witch?

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    November 9, 2011 08:41

    Youre exactly right with this piece!


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