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Mediocrity for the Win!

January 3, 2011

If life was like a box of chocolates, the Homeland would be far less predictable.   A little more Gump would be nice.

Homeland mediocrity is like a box of chocolate covered caramel.  Most of us would tire quickly of this mediocre box of sameness, while a small percentage of us would thrive.  It’s those who thrive on the chocolate covered sameness, that should concern the rest of us.

Judith Miller is a stenographer for the mediocre caramel lovers.  The mediocre caramel lovers run the show and Judith regurgitates the same old chocolate covered caramel to us, as if it were surprisingly different.  Or accurate.

Judith passed along the box of chocolate covered sameness that was the Bush WMDees.  Now Judith tells us that Julian Assange is a bad journalist, because boxes full of different and exciting chocolate covered wonders of truthiness…does not a happy empire make.

Mediocrity can lead to stenographers like Judith Miller.  Mediocrity can also lead to the Seattle Seahawks, your NFC West champions!!

If life were like a Gump box of chocolates, perhaps Saddam would have gotten the peaceful solution he sought, instead of the “Judith Miller-like” Kuwaiti incubator babies he got.

Mediocrity…it tends to make ones head creep.
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