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December 7, 2010

Back in early November of 2006, I was standing outside the Bush White House, photographing what remained of the semi-coherent anti-war movement.  Along with Vets for Peace…Cindy Sheehan and Col. Ann Wright were present, as were Iraq Vets Against the ‘Wars’…some local DC activists and the ever vigilant media.

The citizens of the glorious Homeland had just delivered a sweeping, Republican-like message of change and the mighty Democrats had taken control of both houses.  There would be justice.  There were rumors of impeachment,  but there most certainly would be pre-Obama change.

Rumsfeld was the first to step down…and we cheered outside the fence of Bush.

Change was in the air and the fence of Bush could no longer protect the war criminals within.  Lady justice was on the verge of her first real orgasm of freedom…because no one had ever actually taken the time to get her so close.

And we did cheer outside the fence of Bush.

The cheering lasted almost as long as the jobs at the Crawford, Texas Walmart.

Lady Justice never got her orgasm, Crawford never got a Walmart and four years later…all the mighty Democratic majority has been able to offer us, is an empire ending quagmire of insane paranoia…and a nice Twitter from John McCain.

We are a nation of liberals, independents, conservatives and slow-witted, racist dipshits and we’ve all been OutTwitted.

Homeland Security and Attorney General Holder could give a flying fucking John Yoo about CIA rendition, torture, or any wag the dog wars for Blackwater.

They are just a little concerned though, because cracks become WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks become streams and streams become rivers and the rivers spill into the oceans and Holy Shit!  I thought the Jets were up for New England?…

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