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Who Needs Bush FEMA Camps When…

December 5, 2010

…we’ve got the gate of Obama?

Behind the fence of Bush, lives the lies of Obama.

The gate of change, opens into the yard of Obama, which is protected by the fence of Bush.

Within Obama’s yard, you can catch a glimpse of hope.  Hope is chained to the tree that grows from our wars against Islam, education and common sense.  But keep in mind…the cost of our wars are in no way connected to the price of your bread.

The tree of hope is fed by roots connected to the Pentagon, Boeing and your corporate owned media…which of course means that WikiLeaks collaborated with the terrorist Taliban pilots on 9/11.

Knowing that none of us are really paying attention to anything beyond the fuzz in our navels…for this festive Christmas of 2010, the US Chamber of Commerce just gave us Obama’s NAFTA II, because they hate Obama’s liberal agenda.
No really, they do!

For you haters of all things brown-skinned, remember that NAFTA I was brought to you by Clinton I.  Clinton II brought you the WikiLeaks wars against your civil liberties and Iran.  Couple the Clinton and Obama progressive agenda with the Bush agenda and we get what we deserve.  The promise of part-time Walmart employment, no benefits and a Homeland where Harvard and Yale graduates with a tan…still find themselves being sent to “the back of the bus.”

The fence of Bush is sheltering the yard of Obama.  Just in front of Obama’s sheltered yard, you’ll find a gate.  At Obama’s gate, you’ll find that Cindy Sheehan is still asking the very same questions she asked of Bush.

While none of us are asking questions at Obama’s gate, we do like to watch Glee.
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  1. Tenzing permalink
    December 5, 2010 21:00

    That’s a fine strong op-ed piece by Cindy you gave us the link to. Thanks.


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