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Curses! FBI Foils Self While WikiLeaks Reigns on Our Parade of Self-Awareness

November 29, 2010

Peace Sells

While the rest of Oregon deals with the terrorist stigma that the Federal Bureau of Irony has created…Portland is left between Iraq and a Federalized Police force place, to better attack the Black Bloc with.

As Mayor Sam Adams grapples with Police Chief Mike Reese, the public of PDX Town are left with nothing but a fun mental image and propaganda.

Add on to this mental image of grappling officials, about 200,000 tattooed and perpetually unemployed baristas…and you’ve got Portland…a 1992 Grunge-like Seattle, with a McMenamins brewery located in a former school on every block.

A Homeland education, poverty and beer.  No better recipe for an FBI sting operation.

In news that should be even less surprising than FBI made terrorists, WikiLeaks has enraged the lying liars of the Homeland and beyond!  Suffice to say, a few hundred patriots will scream traitor and off with Assange’s head!, while the rest of us will patiently wait for Festivus.

Boeing's Dicks

For a decent roundup on the latest crimes of our fathers and Hillary, go read Justin Raimondo’s take on it.
Then, for a fun circle jerk of a time, keep electing the capitulating Democrats who put us in these dark, Patriot Act days.

Perhaps we’d have more fun with a President Palin, or a Senator Joe Miller or some other closeted Teabanger.  I mean come on!  Really?…how hard can one dick push for Boeing instead of say impeachment, or the Bill of Rights?  Norm?  Patty? Dino…?

Oh well, I’m sure everything will work out fine, besides, it’s not like the Nukes at Bangor are going to be driven down I-5, or I-90…or even I-84, so that they can be upgraded to ensure the earths destruction or anything.

Maybe if we just ignore the treacherous WikiLeaks leakers of truthiness…maybe, just maybe, we will also not discover that Saudi Arabia’s 9/11 pilots, were able to morph themselves into AfhganiPakistanIraqIranian pilots…and then, we also won’t discover that the best friends of the House of Bush, have been financing al Qaeda to fight against our Blackwater mercenary Army, since oh I don’t know, Condi Rice?

Keeping up with the Garcia’s is hard enough, trying to keep up with all of the Homelands misdeeds…well, that’s just a bit much for my easily offended sensibilities.  From here on out, I’m just going to blame Ralph Nader, instead of Al Gore or Joe fucking Lieberman…for everything.

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