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Hazy Shade of Cheney

November 28, 2010

NK Evil Doer

It’s Sunday…do you know what a North Korean human looks like?  No?  It’s alright, Robert Mueller thinks they resemble poor, dark-skinned people from Somalia, Pakistan and Oregon, soooo you’re in good company.  Patriot.

The Teabangers may be on to something.  Now if they could only drop the racism, party affiliations and outright stupidity…maybe the rest of apathetic Homelandia would take notice?

If I had a dollar for every time Liz Cheney shit out a coherent thought, I’d be dirt poor and in the middle of an FBI sting operation…to try to make me blow shit up.

Remember patriots!, if I’m lyin, then WikiLeaks would be met with open arms and appreciative minions…for exposing the crimes of our fathers.  Not threats of prosecution from the war criminals that fear we apathetic minions, might actually revolt.

Oh man…that is funny!

Change!  It’s as if Chuck D was right.

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