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It’s Like Clockwork

November 29, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together!  Like clockwork and right on cue, the Palin has called the Australian Assange and his WikiLeaks of truthiness…unstoppable treasonous treachery, which Obama can not stop!??

Of course, like Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman knows, the WikiLeaks only exists in the thin air of a foreign land, where the treachery is housed within the tubes and wires of the internets.  It’s also a tad difficult to prove that a treason has been committed upon the Homeland…by an Australian, but this too shall be overlooked.

Let us recap!

Sarah Palin is a babbling idiot with a Twitter, yet she could be your next president.  Portland City Commissioner Saltzman knows terror when he’s being fed terror…and zee terror must not stand!…therefore I move that Portland immediately rejoin the  Joint Terrorism Task Force, becuase the rights of the peoples only exist in China.  And stuff, and, and um, because it won’t be long until Israel starts bombing our nuclear scientists!!

Hey Oregon, keep an eye out for Capt. Timothy J. Block and those loose Bangor nukes on I-84, whilst simultaneously being vigilant for posts of FBI porn…on your Marxisty, Portland Independent Media Center.  *Snooze you lose…the post of FBI porn has now gone the way of the CIA torture tapes*

The words of Saltzman may be mine, but the plan?  She does work well, no?

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