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They Hate Us for Our Drexler

November 27, 2010

The FBI has thwarted another attempt to kill Christmas and everything that it stands for, because the Jihadists hate that the Trail Blazers never got Clyde what he needed.

You can blame the Jihadists, I blame Jake O’ Donnell…though I should probably be blaming Chris Dudley.

Young Mohamed Mohamud was angry about our wars against Islam, the dead brown-skinned families of Vietghanistan and our Muslim President?…when in fact, he should have been angry with Chris Dudley.  
No one wants to see women and children blown to bits…while celebrating the beginning of the shopping season.  However, worrying about women and children being blown to bits in any of our non-conforming territories…doesn’t buy Jr. a new Wii, iPhone or a conscience.

Young Mohamed Mohamud, hates that our Marines fear gay humans, more than they fear the deadly 9/11 pilots, that make up the mighty Taliban Air Force.

Young Mohamed Mohamud, hates that the hidden mushroom clouds of Bush, are now the hidden mushroom clouds of Obama.

Young Mohamed Mohamud, hates that the Pentagon is spending trillions on the never-ending wars and experimental superweapons, when the crafty enemy that can not be defeated, live in mud huts and have no idea what a New York even is.

I’m fairly certain that young Mohamed Mohamud, finds it quite amusing that Alaska’s gonorrhea rate is as out of control as Sarah Palin’s basal ganglia.

Like Chicago Bulls fans of old, the Jihadists do hate us for our Drexler, even though they should probably hate us for our Chris Dudley, Boeing and Jake O’ Donnell.

None of this surprises me more than the fact that Chris Dudley could have been the governor of Oregon.  But you know…Chris could have practiced free-throws more often and your vasectomy could go horribly, painfully wrong…

The lesson to be taken away from all of this?  Quite clearly it’s practice your free-throws and buy this shirt.

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