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A DeLay in Justice leads to an Abramoff World

November 24, 2010

Or…a very happy Thanksgiving to the Chippewas, the Agua Caliente, the Mississippi Choctaws and the Louisiana Choctaws from…Tom Delay!  Because Tom is as guilty as a Tim Eyman funded, dental clinic for the working poor!

Tom is facing anywhere from 2 years behind the counter in an Austin, Texas Starbucks…to 9 years making millions, while lobbying for TSA’s next terrorist probing machines to be located in libraries, colleges and polling places located in predominantly not white neighborhoods.

It really is a Tom DeLay-Jack Abramoff kind of world, where Tim Eyman and Leonard Peltier can only hope to breathe freely in it.

This year we don’t have Sarah Palin campaigning in front of the turkey slaughter to laugh at, but at least we still have Vietghanistan to ignore…North Korea to abhor and the CNN warning of the shock, while pining for the awe.

Thanks for the DeLay now pass the Tier 5 and eat the rich.

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