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November 23, 2010

A CIA Droning is Next

Dateline Escondido, California…a neighborhood, a gardener and a terrorist bomb factory.  Proof positive that your TSA and Homeland Security are just whistling past the graveyard of democracy.

Billions upon billions of dollars spent every year, grabbing your crotch, reading your email, hunting “illegal’s” and infiltrating peace groups…all in a self-serving, corporate attempt to Kabuki you into giving the rich more tax breaks.

More Homelandians are killed every day by a lack of health care, than any Langley employed underwear bomber ever trained for.  Smoking, dental decay and french fries, kill more of us than any CIA trained-Iraqi pilot ever dreamed.

Escondido is to the Taliban as al Qaeda is to Odenton, Maryland.

Look for the terrorist threat level to rise to situation mauve or so…as WikiLeaks has a brand new batch of war crimes ready to be ignored by the
TSA groped masses.

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