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Tell Us About Those Rapes Julian

October 26, 2010

Yesterday it was Katie Couric’s unhappiness with the Glee girls and their tight tummy’s.  Today it’s Larry King’s corpse being very concerned about Julian Assange and his alleged CIA rapes.

Larry King’s corpse was not all that interested in the lies of the liars, that resulted in our lies becoming the truth.  Larry’s corpse is all Glee, with nary a hot Glee girl in sight.

From Larry King’s corpse we move on to the Sunday talk shows…brought to you by the Pentagon and Raytheon.  Now you know why the largest intelligence leak in the history of the glorious Homeland, is being ignored by Tim Russert’s ghost.

I’d blame Diane Sawyer, or the macho Tim Profitt, who stomps on little girls heads for Rand Paul.  But that’s just me.

Remember the Alamo!  Support the troops!  Sink the Pink! and for fucks sakes…can someone please remind the Air Force that our Nuukleeeur weapons is are important and stuff?

Dang Beevis, maybe life is a whole lot better just scratchin, drinking and watching Brett Favre…while trying not to think about Brett’s penis in Croc’s?

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