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America the Gleek

October 25, 2010

Katie Couric and Tipper Gore are rolling together in their self-made graves of disappointment.  Tipper tried to keep poopy words from entering our brain stems via our radios and Judas Priest.  Katie is saddened that the adult girls of Glee, showed Katie what a firm tummy looks like.  Holy shit…the horror.

Katie’s 14-year-old Glee watching daughter…has to gaze upon the scary internets to learn that America and her mother, are both full of shit.  Porn is free and plentiful and if you’re able to get past all of the free porn, there are some truths to be found.

For example, Katie’s 14-year-old daughter probably has no fear of being drafted into the Bush wars, that Obama continues for Boeing…because Katie’s fourth estate worry’s about Glee girls in shorts, instead of the illegal wars for the ever richer Boeing.

Long ago, Daniel Ellsberg woke a few of those who were capable of being woken up…up.  Today, WikiLeaks has reminded those capable of being reminded…that the Middle Class was sold to Vietghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Mexico and Blackwater.

And the best we can do, is to fight over Palin’s tit’s and Obama’s skin color.

Your Homeland does not fear the brown-skinned, mud hut dwellers of the Middle East.  Your Homeland fears you.  If the Teabangers and the delusional GOP/Democrat voters ever teamed up…well, let’s just say this is why Katie fears Glee girls in shorts.  This is why the millionaires two: Beck and Limbaugh, fight for the billionaires few.

Intelligent and informed peoples, do not quarrel over tits, ass and the right of the corporate billionaire to repeatedly fuck them.  Intelligent, angry and informed peoples look like France.  Imagine, peoples of the Homeland…if you were able to keep Wal-Mart, Chevron and the Pentagon from your money for a few weeks…yeah right.

In the end, ask yourself this.  “Self?”  “Am I able to hear the words fuck, shit or piss in my favorite songs on the radio?”  Of course you can’t.

I guess Tipper Gore and Boeing have won.

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