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Terrorist Egg Farmer Attacks!

August 21, 2010

Muslin egg farmer Austin “Jack” DeCoster, has been training for his attack on the Homeland for decades.  Jack has been fined, threatened with losing his birthday and a host of other stiff penalties, all designed to ensure that Jack made millions of dollars by poisoning your children.

Maine and Iowa farmers tried to warn us…so did Richard Clarke and look where that got us.  One day you’re minding your own business, cuttin’ brush in Crawford and the next, BAM!  You’re standing on a pile of ruble in NY, threatening Saddam Hussein in pidgin English.

While the shallow end of the gene pool were stocking up on Spam and grenade launchers for Armageddon…because of a mosque in New York City, Jack DeCoster the terrorist egg farmer, was busy screwing around with half a billion eggs, that could poison several million of the Homelands shallow end of the gene poolers.

I say what the fuck is the problem?

Build the mosque, let the idiots eat some eggs and don’t ever forget, the Republicans let 9/11 happen.

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