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They Say Jump

August 22, 2010


This High?


You say how high.

Vietnam veteran and Senator John Kerry is also a Roman Catholic democrat.  In simple sheeple language, that spells Muslim.  It can also spell Jimmy Carter, depending on the simple sheeple involved and its ability to comprehend a Palin Twitter.

Kerry when not praying, is busy trying to hammer out a deal with the DEA’s Taliban whom Representative Norm Dicks created, so that we can pretend we beat the mud hut dwelling humans- just as the Soviets did and come on back home to a parade of victorious lies.

The “interesting” part of the deal making article that you clicked on above, is not that we’re paying off the Muslim heroin suppliers to the Homeland…the comments from the simple sheeple in The Hill article…are the interestingly entertaining part of the story.

It’s also the simple sheeple, who feel compelled to comment on a blog post about simple sheeple and the Burlington Northern Coat Factory mosque in NYC, that should concern the bored Boeing/FBI folks…at the Seattle Fusion Center…that are reading this…at the same time you are.

The Seattle Fusion Center and Insitu’s Boeing, should also be concerned about the CIA/Pentagon having set up Julian Assange for rape, or the brilliant Jesus scopes we were using to better see the infidels with.

My fusion center is not concerned that Saudi Arabia owns Fox News.  Your fusion center does not care that one egg farming terrorist, just poisoned half a billion eggs.  No fusion center is alarmed that the non-mosque outrage which is not located at ground zero, but next to a strip club…is being fueled by the very same criminals that started the wars for Boeing, Halliburton and Blackwater.

But do not be alarmed, no one else is.

The stupid in the Homeland, runs almost as deep as the corrupt liars of the Homeland.  They say jump, you say how high…and or kill the dirty Muslims at the ground zero strip club.

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