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Zee Question in Question

August 20, 2010

A question was asked months ago, by Jeremy Scahill.  Jeremy was wondering about the housing aspirations of the chief war criminal in charge at Blackwater/Xe, known to us as Erik Prince.

Zee Xe question in question, wondered if Erik the war criminal, was moving to Abu Dhabi.

Zee Xe question has now been answered.  Erik Prince has indeed moved to Abu Dhabi, so that his children may go to better schools, than Erik can buy here in the Homeland.

Being that Abu Dhabi also has fast food, slave labor, sunny beaches, CIA black sites, a burgeoning sex trade with migrant children and no extradition policy with the American Homeland…Erik should feel right at home.

Extremely overpaid humans that cover shit up for Erik, say that Erik is just a little sick and tired of how things are going for him, here in the Homeland.

Erik should blame his momma for his problems.  For when Erik’s mommy was touching his “dirty areas” for Jesus, she meant well.

Let us recap.  Jesus, hundreds of millions of your tax dollars, murder, Erik’s “dirty areas“, the CIA, torture, Abu Dhabi and a fleeing coward?

Zee Xe question has been answered, but I need to know, what would Sleestak do?

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  1. jjrad permalink
    August 20, 2010 09:58

    Well at least congress is taking care of one real criminal, Roger Clemens. Yes let’s throw the book at the idiot who lied about steroid use so he could entertain Americans at a higher level. War crimes, those are so last decade, lets spend some more and weed out these STEROID TERRORISTS! What is this Blackwater, a minor league team? I am going back to watching Today on NBC, they will tell me what I need to know.


    • August 20, 2010 12:10

      Dear, dear dear reader…I’ll thank you kindly to stop making reference to what the hell I was going to be discussing next, here at the Lens.

      Mr. Clemens was indeed next up. Now what can I talk about? Strippers who work next to ground zero, who say Muslims are not only just fine wit them, but the mosque crowd also tips better?

      The Pentagon’s sudden departure from NBC news’ exclusive on the end of the Iraq War, again?

      Sooo many things to ponder, sooo many evil doers to hunt and kill.


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