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Referees Blow as Needed

August 8, 2010

Think of the Homeland as a land filled with multiple NFL referees named Bill Leavy.  A land chock-full of Leavy’s, who get to change the outcome and or direction of stuff as needed.

Be it Superbowl XL, where the Seahawks were invaded, conquered and occupied by the NFL…be it Iraq, Vietghanistan and or your National Parks…the Bill Leavy’s of the Homeland make the game/life changing calls that matter.

Just like NAFTA made your pot dealer brown, the Pentagon made Wyoming schools worthless.

As a worthless arm is to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s husband, the Seattle Seahawks are to half a million dead Iraqi’s.

As a bunch of dead people we don’t care about goes, so goes our collective yawn on the fake wars for Boeing, Bechtel and Beelzebub.

Happy day before Monday Homelandia!  Shop early, shop often and do not buy any goods made in Israel or China…because revolution is
my name?

Revolution!  It’s coming!  Right after Jersey Shore wins an Emmy and the Central Arizona Project is clogged with the bodies of the malnourished, Genetically Modified food eaters of the Colorado River basin.

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