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The Corporate Whores are Angry

August 11, 2010

The world runs on whores.  Why one form of prostitution is frowned upon and illegal, while mouthpiece prostitutes like Robert Gibbs are not illegal, is the reason your Homeland is such a fucked up Reaganomic disaster.

The Corporate Whores are angry my friends, but between the Teabangers and the Obama-Vietghanistan war supporters, nothing will actually change.

Change requires accountability.  Accountability requires prison.

Robert Gibbs is not in prison.

Greenland is changing.  This change is holding us accountable.

Robert Gibbs would like Julian Assange held accountable for any change that occurs.

Meanwhile, Iran is digging mass graves for U.S. troops, because Israel runs prison camps better than we do.

America doesn’t accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.” President Obama, Cairo 2009.

Now you know why the president won the Nobel Peace Prize and Saudi’s with box cutters that trained in Florida, caused the CIA to pay Boeing billions, while you get GMO laden foodstuffs, scary bikini baristas and the Today Show!

Now ready your useless vote for Norm Dicks, drink while driving responsibly and keep in mind, that marijuana will get you imprisoned faster than Robert Gibbs can say Dennis Kucinich.

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