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Federal Prosecution of Evildoing Begins!

August 5, 2010

Evildoer Jogging

Just don’t get your hopes up…

The Feds are looking into Lance Armstrong and his “alleged” doping
of bicycles.

I say, time and money well spent.  Besides, prosecuting war criminal presidents, generals and Yoo’s, tends to point out the obvious and we don’t like the obvious being prosecuted.

In related obviousness, The Google! wants to charge you for access to your high-speed porn, Ted Nugent Youtube videos and unapproved news sites of the Homeland…like Comedy Central.

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  1. barman permalink
    August 6, 2010 14:41

    What’s next? Dear federales:

    I, and most americans, don’t give a shit about whether some bike racer uses dope. Most of us, including you, don’t care whether some ball player uses dope. So stop doing something about it, OK?

    Start doing something about the folks who are currently carrying SAWs or getting popped in lowest price vehicles by PMD’s placed by guys who want their country back. Start turning our guys into bike racers who use dope. Please.


  2. Shannon Davis permalink
    October 25, 2010 09:59

    My name is Shannon S Davis and I currently live in Eugene, Oregon. I am sad to say that I was recently reliesed from prison here in Oregon. You can take this story as a work of fiction or you can look deeper. I don’t believe that the powers that be the poers that exist underneath and influence our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine ever expected that I would make it out of prison. The same powers that the jewish religion calls the sitra achra or yetser ha rah that are completely spiritual yet are as real as your neighbor interacting with us in every day of our lives. Every thing we do has has its equal reaction wether it be good, as it is below so it is above. I know that those forces had it wagered that I woud never make out of prison and that they would be living here for me due to the life that I have lived as a completely secular human being living a life imoral behavior are now doing there best to hide the fact that I am a chnged man. The fact that I have been working with an orthodox rabbi in nthe path of conversion and doing everything in my power to live a Torah true halachic life. I have been going toi college and getting great grades, studying and praying everyday. The poweres that be have had to lie, cheat and destroy those powers that knew the truth misrepresenting my actions, my thaughts, my desires and goals to try and prove that they had evrey right to be here for me when I have been here instead. This is just a note that may sound like the ramblings of someone that may not be in touch with reality but for those that it reaches please take it seriously and know that what you do today has consequances in places that only you can influnce and change.


    • October 25, 2010 11:52

      Thanks for the comment Shannon…I’ll just use your words again, “and know that what you do today has consequances in places that only you can influnce and change.”

      The powers that be are real enough, just as those of us who the powers that be…fear. Everyone has choices to make in their lives, just as our powers that be have made theirs. And it’s their choices all the world is living with…

      Thanks Shannon.


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