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Fornicating Cluster Probe

August 1, 2010

Great news!  The Army is probing its use of Agent Orange, sprayed near neighborhoods next to Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD., back in the 1940’s to the 1950’s.  I say, far out!

But please keep in mind, there are no links between the use of Agent Orange, or Vietnamese villager rashes, or Vietnam vets unemployment.  Why else would Bush have dedicated 9 million dollars to help clean it all up?

In a related cluster fuck, the world has banned cluster bombs.  Again.  Russia, China, Israel and your Homeland, have refused to sign on…because we all reserve the right to blow kids up, whenever and wherever, we damn well feel like it.

According to Al Roker on the Today! Show, the Army will not be looking into it’s illegal spying on activists, it’s Anthrax attack on America, or why General McChrystal hates Pat Tillman.

Finishing up this mornings news of fornicating cluster probing, Sarah Palin says she is focused on electing Republicans this year.   According to Yahoo News!, 97 percent of the shallow end of the gene pool polled…think that Sarah has a nice rack, Muslin’s are the Devils fabric and that Alaska is situated about a 20 minute drive north of Sacramento.

God bless this cluster fuck!

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One Comment
  1. Tenzing permalink
    August 2, 2010 11:21

    Thanks for shining a light, Lens.

    As you know, I live in a nice little corner of The Homeland where Obomber is worshipped and anything bad that happens in the world happens far, far away.

    This bucolic little Obamaville is also where the biggest naval weapons depot on the west coast of The Homeland is located. I’m sure there’s a good cluster of cluster bombs at the depot, along with DIME bombs and other cool stuff used to burn, mutilate and blow apart the bodies of children in other countries, most of them darker-skinned than the good liberal folk here.

    Maybe see you and your camera at the nuke sub base on Monday, Lens.

    Watch yer topknot. And watch where you step.


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