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No Draft in Spanish Means Xe

June 27, 2010

Leon Panetta went on the airwaves of the Homeland today and as per usual, the fruit flavored douche water leaking out of Leon’s vagina was quite the distraction.

Jake Tapper the distracted news reader was so…distracted, that he forgot to ask Leon how he felt about the Bristol Palin performance as an unwed teen mother (as if!) on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

FYI; my sources at AT&T confirm that Leon absolutely loved
Bristol’s performance!

When Leon and his fruity vagina are not busy lying about the CIA’s involvement in torture, WMD’s or nation killing, they’re busy trying to protect themselves from pissed off Generals like the fired McChrystal.

It would be fair to assume that Stan knows too much.
Far, far too much.

It would also be fair to assume that Stan was trying to tell you peoples of the Homeland…some of the very same things I’ve been trying to tell you.  Are you sitting down?  Are your pants on?  Great.  Stan was trying to send you a message about the failed Obama wars in Vietghanistan and Iraq.

Erik Prince and his Blackwater are needed, because you lazy patriots are not having to fight for Palin’s affection…she’ll just give it to you.

Blackwater is needed because many of your stop-lossed troops will not do the things…that Blackwater will.

Blackwater is needed because Iran is next and we need people who will do things for 100 grand per year, that most of your stop-lossed troops will not do…for 24 grand per year.

Blackwater is needed because the VA is no place to be…when you’re dealing with PTSD.

Xe in Spanish does not mean Jesus, it means profit and…no draft.

Conservatives are conserving nothing.
Democrats are selling what’s left.

Public apathy enables leaders to ignore voters

Their God hates your God, just as your God hates their God.

My God brings green beer to everyone in March.

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