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The People’s Finger of Justice

June 29, 2010

Us peoples of the Homeland sure are resilient cave dwellers.

The BushBama depression that started with Reagan, but wasn’t fully implemented until Clinton, has not caused a Homeland wide cancellation of Comcast cable subscriptions.  There have been reports of Homelandians blaming Kenya, Haiti and Guatemala for our troubles…but that would be par for the course stupid.

You can take our homes, our jobs, our clean air/water, our dignity, our pensions and even send us to war against religious fanatics, who hated our freedoms and treated their women poorly…and we’ll pretty much just watch teevee.

But tell us our caveman era fantasies that involve getting laid in space are just not going to happen?  Screw you NASA!  We’ve spent the last 6000 years battling dinosaurs, Muslims and libruls, you government hacks will not take away our hairy monkey-like, sex in space!

What the hell’s next?  Yet more hand jobs for Wall Street?  How about searching for Russian spies in our midst…and then finding them?  Perhaps we should hand over the failed corporate wars on brown-skinned, cave dwelling Muslims to Petraeus the Faint?

Hey!  While we’re getting close to falling off the Afghan cliff of empire ending death, that we knew was there, we might as well just build Bush a fucking library.  A fornicating Bush library, will be the closest thing to us brave Homelandians fucking in space…that we’ll ever get.

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