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Democrat Funded War

May 11, 2010

Dicks Need War

60 billion dollars is being readied for the next war bill by your peace-loving Democratic majority and Senator Daniel Inouye.  Because nothing says we had to vote for Bush’s wars better than…still funding them 10 years later.

Democrats love war, almost as much as Senator Vitter loves wearing diapers while fucking women that are not his Christian wife.

Wars are fought by the poor.  Common sense and morality are fought by the diaper wearer and the peace-loving Democrats.  This is why war bills are stuffed to the crotch level of  Senator Vitter’s diaper, with extra money for floods, aid for Haiti and money to help Vietnam vets who were sprayed by Monsanto’s Agent Orange.

If the Democrats don’t kill off the veterans and the troops, then Monsanto’s Agent Orange infused soy beans just might.

So what have we learned about the Democrats today?  They love people of color to death by funding wars, not education or socialized medicine?  The Democrats love Wall Street and K Street, not your street?  The Democrats help BP kill the planet quicker than you can say Cheney Energy Task Force?

Who needs climate change, when you’ve got Obama change?

Who needs racist, war mongering Republicans, when we’ve got complicit, war funding Democrats?

Who needs wars on drugs, Mexicans and private prisons full of marijuana smokers?  That would be Customs and Border Protection, GEO Group, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and the Democrats!

Look for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul to say something soon.  Look for Obama to lie to Malia Ann and Sasha.

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