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Blame Monica Lewinsky?

May 12, 2010

What makes Hillary Clinton so angry that she would threaten Vietghanistan with our never “neglecting” the Afghan people?  Why does Hillary Clinton claim we’ve learned from the past?  Hillary even attempted the old Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld/Rice trick…when caught with your pants down and General McChrystal’s dick in hand, say 9/11.  Then say 9/11 again.  It works every time!!

We could blame Monica, but that would be stupid.  Blame the war President.  Blame the Democrats.  But don’t blame Monica.

As noted here yesterday, the Democrats love war, Blackwater and ignoring terrorist organizations like British Petroleum.  Because while the brown-skinned kids hide in mud huts built from Taliban mud, hoping that death from the skies will be swift…BP, Monsanto and Arizona have been busy attacking the Homeland from within, for decades.

Someone say 9/11 quick!

Just like President Obama lies to his girls every night as he tucks them in to bed, Hillary, the Democrats and British Petroleum are tucking us in to bed…in our mud huts built from Christian mud…hoping that death from the skies, or our food, or our water, will be swift.

Okay, are you ready?  Wait for it, waaiiiiittttt for it…..9/11!!

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