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NASA Balloons Blow

April 29, 2010

Subtlety, not a NASA Strong Suit

Looks like the boys at NASA may have popped their last space balloon in the Australian Outback.  And with this latest setback, the odds of George Takei headlining this winter’s NASA convention in Vegas?  Probably greater than George realizing the importance of nozzle design, as it relates to flow choking and the amount of thrust needed for proper exit velocity.

So obviously, if the Takei General Thrust Equation is given by  F = (m dot * V)e – (m dot * V)0 + (pe – p0) * Ae

Then it should also be a given that balloons do not fly upwards in Australia. They fly the opposite direction, which as any rocket scientist worth its weight in gold-pressed latinum could tell you…is down.

The other major problem with this multi-kabillion dollar failed mission of hot air, was the name of its payload…the Nuclear Compton Telescope.

The original Nuclear Telescope, Vernon MacKinnon of Compton, California, called…and he’s fucking pissed.

Vernon would like NASA to share some of its space balloon budget with places like Compton, Detroit and Chicago.

Build a couple of community colleges.  Or twenty of them.

ET will wait for us.  The world that the Homeland occupies, will not.

Vernon "Nuclear Telescope" MacKinnon (photo center)

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