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It’s the Hantavirus Stupid

April 29, 2010

Investigating Bush Torture Next

I probably should just stop at the photo caption…but what’s a little bit of Bush torture between friends?

So ya.  Shakira is on her way to Arizona, right behind Chuck D, to find out just what in the hell the fear filled, racist, sunburned minority of McCain land, are up to now.

It’s pretty easy to unravel the mystery.  Blame genetics, then blame the mouse shit.  It’s the Hantavirus stupid.

Mouse Shit Causes Arizona

No shit?  I shit you not, jefa.

You know…Washington State has a few idiots of its own.  Sure we can blame the mouse shit, Hanford, or Dino Rossi for most of the stupid.  But don’t tell Shakira.

We need her suerte.

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