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False Prophets for Profit

April 22, 2010

Glenn Beck and Franklin Graham talk with God almost everyday.  God tells them that Islam is evil and that Democrats are lobbyist fodder for the Devil.

Obviously, these two are just this side of being criminally insane.  But give Glenn some credit, he just forgot to mention that the Republicans own the lobbyist’s, that milk the votes from the teats of the Democrats.

Glenn and Franklin are false prophets for profit.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The wars for Boeing and Triple Canopy are for profit.  Halliburton, private prisons, immigration,  the war on drugs and the wars on common sense…are all about profit.

If you’re looking for answers, I just gave them to you.  If you’re looking for the Rapture, keep holding your breath.

Keep in mind and never forget, Beck and Graham, The Homeland and Merle Haggard…are all false prophets for profit.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh I almost forgot!  Santa Claus told me we’re all going to die from GMO laden foodstuffs and diet soda.  Santa also told me, that if that shit don’t kill all of us, global warming and a lack of decent, affordable healthcare, certainly will.

So yes, that means y’all won’t be getting a Wii or an iPhone this Christmas.  Deal with it.

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