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Reality is Only Czar Deep

April 21, 2010

The RNC and its Czar Michael Steele, (the black one, shhh) have gone and confused the confused ones again.

The Czar and his posse, recently spent over 340 thousand dollars in Hawaii for shirts, beer, strippers, condoms and Obama posters.  That equals 56 thousand dollars spent per day.

56 thousand dollars, is roughly 120 times more money than what 99.2 percent of the Medicare/Social Security receiving Teabangers make…in a lifetime.

In other semi-related news of record, no one at Teabanger Central is reportedly upset about the still missing and still stolen, 9 to 12 billion U.S. dollars that went missing in Iraq back in 2003 and 2004.

Missing” translates in English to…see Halliburton and how do you think the insurgents get SUV’s and iPhones?

Still confused?  Lt. Colonel Thomas S Blunt of War College fame, wants to help you out.

Lt. Colonel Blunt, evidently thinks Iraqi’s need good, affordable healthcare, because it’s the right thing to do.  Tom had this to say, “Healthcare is an elemental component of basic human needs and should be accessible, affordable, and capable.”  Jesus Tom.  There goes the full bird Colonel wings eh?

Again, for the confused portion of my readership, please allow me to translate Lt. Colonel Toms words from military speak, back into English.

English Version

  1. We’re never actually going to leave Iraq
  2. Socialist healthcare for the occupied Iraqi’s is good.
  3. Socialist healthcare for the occupied peoples of the Homeland is bad.  Really, really bad.

There you have it peoples of the Homeland!  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

However, none of your conclusion’s will even come close to reality.  Czar Steele, Lt. Colonel Blunt and we here at the Vigilant Lens, can guarantee you that much.

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