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Seattle Shoppers Momentarily Truthinized

March 22, 2010

This past Sunday, shoppers of the Homeland, (subsection Blaine Sector) momentarily bore witness to an event that required little to no engagement, beyond their usual Westlake Center disdain of humans asking for spare change.

Several hundred people turned out to rally at Westlake and march through Pikes Place, to remind the fragile shopper of the Blaine District of the fake wars in far off lands that actually kill people.

7 years in Iraq, pushing 9 years in Vietghanistan.  The score?  The USA broke, CIA 27.

Add to that score several thousand dead U.S. troops and over a million dead brown-skinned humans, who unfortunately, found themselves living in one of several Homeland democracy spreading/freedom zones…

As the old media told us in their reportage, this event was the smallest turnout yet for an Iraq war protest.  Interestingly enough, last year, the Seattle Seahawks only averaged 67 thousand humans per home game.

Thanks old media.

Emma Kaplan was one of the organizers of Sunday’s event, skip the old media, go read about the day from her instead.

On Sunday, Seattle shoppers located in the Blaine Sector of the Homeland, were indeed momentarily truthinized.

Every moment counts.

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