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Spy vs. General vs. Reality

January 5, 2010

Making fun of liars and murderers is easy.  Getting approximately 200 million Americans to look up from their non-stop internet porn searching frenzy, or glancing away from Ashton Kutcher’s Twittering??  Almost impossible.

But cheap plastic crap, more porn and cheese covered deep fried meat seems to help.

I think Jason Newsted once described our collective condition as…sad but true.

So in using my Indiana ‘learnt‘ mathin skills, I give the .00017% of you porn watchers that might be paying attention to our fake wars and such…more interesting shit to ponder.

Major General Michael Flynn, is the big pants on campus, inside your military intelligence.  General Mike says the CIA, the NSA and the rest of the abbreviations of fascism, are a joke.  “They’re ignorant and out of touch with the Afghan people,” were his exact words.

For proof that what the General says is correct, see 9/11, the Bush Shoe Bomber, the Obama Thong  Bomber, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Grenada, Central America, the Drug War, the Millennium Bomber, the Jordanian Double Agent Bomber, abortion clinic bombers, the Oklahoma City bomber, Blackwater, …Cuba, JFK, RFK and the entire Bush clan, for starters.

Looking at the bigger, not classified picture, there does indeed seem to be a pattern of lies, death, stupid and downright unbelievably criminal behavior that goes unpunished, decade after decade after…decade.

Good stuff for my fellow .00017%er’s to chew on…

For the rest of you, there’s this.  Kathy Griffin said Fuck on CNN!!  Oh the pretend outrage!
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  1. barman permalink
    January 6, 2010 08:58

    I’m rounding myself up to .0002%, lens. It’s one less insignificant figure.

    great posts lately. I read ya, in between trips to porn sites.



    • lens1 permalink*
      January 6, 2010 10:49

      I think maybe I should get back into law enforcing…I could deal with my anger and frustration in a more “hands on” kind of way.

      I’d be like Dick Cheney, irrelevant with an agenda.

      Porn sites sure could bring the world together…if they were to hide some type of anti-imperialist/anti-corporate/do good things for humans while you’re…you know, bangin em’??

      Man, I think I may run with that stream of consciousness!!

      Thanks barman


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