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Seahawks’ Whine One for the Gipper

December 30, 2009

Your Seattle Seahawks have a message for you, “you’re either with us or against us.”

George W, shriveled Dick and Tom Ridge could not have said it better.

Huzmandawhatshisname and little Neon Deion Branch, are so angry with their fair-weather fans, that they invoked a play right out of the Homeland playbook.  “You’re either with us or against us.”

I think Hasselbeck calls that one quite often on liberal and 3rd down situations.

Perhaps if Hwhosmandawhatshisname and Branch, stopped breathing in the Matt Hasselbeck and Limbaugh flatulence of stupidity, they’d have an inkling of what whiny little children who make millions of dollars and do their jobs poorly…look like.

Deion even wants you fair-weather fans who have a problem with how he makes his millions doing his job poorly, to show up at the VMAC Athletic Center and say it to his face.

Perspective, is what your Seattle Seahawks whiny millionaires who do their jobs poorly, are in need of.

Perspective and humility.

A couple of seasons or five, playing football for free, you know, for the love of the game, might help them gain some perspective.  A few tours in Iraq or Afghanistan and possibly Iran, Venezuela or Nigeria/Yemen…might help these children gain some humility.

Cleaning the restrooms at Qwest Field might help as well.

Cleveland sounds fantastic!”  I believe is what Coach VP Holmgren shouted from atop the Space Needle.

Now we know why.
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