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The Old World Taught us Well

November 23, 2009

But we never did listen to the right Englishman.

In news that should shock a couple of you self-identified/moderate Americans, out of their black Friday shopping worries…Tony Blair is in some deep shit.

Newly leaked documents have now proven that he lied about Iraq, the WMD’s and generally behaved poorly.  If you do not know who Tony Blair is…please continue on with your Black Friday! shopping of the sheeples.  Shop early, shop often and do not concern yourself with these things…

For the three of you remaining, this is kind of exciting news!  If the world was indeed sane!

The English inquiry into Mr. Blair’s, “Bushing up” the fake war on terror is turning up some familiar accusations.

Said familiar accusations…

  • Tony lied, George lied
  • Parliament and Congress were lied to
  • Congress and Parliament knew more than they will admit
  • Troops in both nations Armies were sent to Iraq without the gear they needed
  • Planning for the nation building and exiting said nation building, did not exist.
  • There were no WMD’s, not even the ones we gave Saddam.
  • Blair/Bush knew that what they were planning, would probably be frowned upon

And a bunch of other oddities like Anthrax and torture, that we don’t really want to deal with.

If the English fancy themselves a much better bunch of humans than us constant war making/bloodthirsty, pretend Christian Americans…then by all means, prosecute the fuck out of Blair and his guilty handlers.

The three Americans and myself who think the Bush/Cheney Corporation should be on trial as well?

Okay sorry.  There really is not a chance in hell that any trials will ever happen here.  Besides, we’re kind of busy with Fusion Centers, fake wars on nations, marijuana, Christmas and Mexicans right now…and did you hear?  There is a black man in the White House!!

And he might have a Hawaiian/al Qaeda agenda!!
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  1. JJ MADD permalink
    November 24, 2009 08:51

    I would love to dream that our great friend Tony would end up getting prosecuted for some of his lies, but I agree – not very likely. After all, we are a British tradition after all and they were making a conquest of the world before we even killed our first North American native with smallpox. Ahhhh, a tradition we can all feel great about. God save the Queen.


    • lens1 permalink*
      November 24, 2009 10:16

      I like to call it reverse Manifest Destiny…our military machine requires hundreds of billions of our tax dollars to keep rolling. And it can not keep rolling just sitting around America, building newer and better ways to kill humans.
      So we must re-conquer the world yet again…with mother England and the CIA in tow.

      God save the queen!


  2. barman permalink
    November 24, 2009 08:51

    the Spokanostra are running a pool….

    yes, it’s a numbers racket, I’ll bet you thought they went out of style when the gummint took over….

    Anyway, it’s “When will we get over what Bush did to us….yes, and how many years will it take till we know that too many people have died?”

    A buck gets you in, survivor gets the prize. Of course, it is all contingent upon folks in this country facing up to it, which hasn’t happened yet, either.

    Happy thanksgiving Lens. Stay vigilant.


    • lens1 permalink*
      November 24, 2009 10:37

      Hey I think I saw that band at Ankeny’s many years ago.
      Or maybe that was Mr Clean…?

      Everyday brings new news of the depths of our national depravity, because like you said…it is a numbers racket, and not many are willing to face up to said American depravity.

      You and yours have a good Thanksgiving barman…get your snow blower and grader ready for this years snow-catastrophe as well!!

      I’ll be digging a hole, albeit shallow, to better keep a keen eye open for Palin book buyers. While they are slow moving…they have the combined cognitive abilities of three earthworms and a danish. Or something to that effect…


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