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It’s Like 1850

October 22, 2008

Or 1950. Actually it’s 2008 and you should be ashamed.

A pathetic recording left at an ACORN office is linked below. If your ears are sensitive to the “F” or “N” word, or you fear hearing that some Americans still desire to hang….other Americans, from trees. Don’t click the link.

John McCain for President

Do you still wonder why Dino Rossi pretends to belong to another party? I don’t.

For more on the ACORN story go here.

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  1. barman permalink
    October 23, 2008 21:00

    Great photo. Compelling.

    I never served. I honor those that did, or do. It’s amazing to me how those that demand I honor them tend to also have never served. It is also amazing how they are so willing to send our sons and daughters in harm’s way on shit built by the lowest bidder, and how fast they forget them when the come home broken and wounded doing our bidding.

    I hope the change I sense in the country brings back the notion that service, unquestioning service, generates a set of obligations in the rest of us..the obligation to compensate that service, the obligation to provide care when that service leaves the server hurt, and the obligation to all those not to request that service for less than honorable reasons.

    And maybe those who serve otherwise in the name of the public are not necessarily parasites.

    This bush guy, I hope it takes decades to forget him and his.


  2. lens1 permalink*
    October 24, 2008 11:07

    Thanks. He’s a Vietnam Vet, photographed him in Olympia.

    Once again, more sound words barman. Most of the screaming, flag waving, war loving crowd I’ve run into…have not served. There are vets who disagree with me, but most of the time we respect each others opinions as we’ve been there done that, as the saying goes.
    Also your point about those who serve the public in other capacities is well taken. I’ve served at the federal, state and city level, all are certainly not parasites…..I’ll just leave it at that.

    Thanks barman.


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