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7 Reasons to Drink More

October 6, 2008

Hey we made it to Monday! Small miracles…

OK, today we look at 7 reasons to drink more of your favorite beverages that contain alcohol. If you live near Tenino, just insert “drug of choice” for alcohol.

  • #1. My steady stream of visitors from the Acronyms of Fascism are very flattering. But I begin to worry, when the GS-5 types at the Offices of the Glorious Homeland Security, start searching this blog for posts with the “tag”…Fascism. A Vigilant Lens hint for you DHS goobers…you are following the illegal orders of the fascist regime. Now go eat lunch.
  • #2. In related Homeland Securing news, they will now be spying on you…with satellites.
  • #3. More cool violations of our rights news. I’ll drink to that!
  • #4. Wow. You mean 700 Billion will not be enough? That like really sucks dude.
  • #5. What the hell? You mean we are not in a Mortgage crisis? Credit crisis? No? Oh shit. Pass the Corazon.
  • #6. So, the Afghan invasion cannot be won? Oh come on. This is only news to my friends in Tenino, Pe Ell and Castle Rock.
  • #7. Keating 5, Keating 5 and the Keating 5. We’ve been here with McCain before, sheeple.


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  1. October 6, 2008 23:47

    Guinness Stout, please! Room temp, not cold.



  2. lens1 permalink*
    October 7, 2008 08:39

    Ah a bit O the Guinness. Used to partake in that
    warm glass of goodness at the old Viking Tavern…
    Spokane’s South Hill.

    If my fuzzy beer memory serves…


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