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The Olfactory

October 4, 2008
The Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper

No, it’s not a new store at the outlet mall in Centralia. It’s your smell organ, your nose. Let’s try using that organ, on the letters I’ve conveniently arranged into words for your consideration and smell testing. In other words, smell test below.

The beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Gateway to Fascism or Totalitarianism? It used to be a great place to buy an expensive spatula or stroll through more than 398 lavender farms. Now? Agents in green, will be stopping you near the Hood Canal bridge to ask what country you are from. At these tourist trap checkpoints, the Border Patrol can stop any motorist and discuss your nationality with you, or anyone else in the vehicle. Agent Giuliano says, they need no cause, as in probable cause, to interrogate you. Zero, zilch. If you are planning to visit Port Townsend, Sequim or God help you Quilcene, you’d better not be brown skinned… or your trip might be longer than expected.

  • Smell tested, stinks like shit.

Just receive an 85 billion dollar bailout? AIG did, and they threw a party!

  • Smell tested, not approved.

Just pass a 700 billion dollar bailout for your friends? Evidently, I was not on the list of friends. Rep. Brad Sherman says, this most certainly does not pass the smell test.

  • I agree with Brad, smell test….failed.

Is your Candidate for Governor a lying, freedom hating fucktard? Ours is. And he will say or do anything, to get the criminals at the BIAW elected.

  • The Dino Rossi smell test? He stinks like a bought and paid for prick. Smell test, failed.

There you have it. Proof that the nose, knows. Enjoy your weekend citizens and keep your ID cards handy.

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