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Journalism Neat

August 28, 2015

the AP stylebook
the go-to book on how to write exactly what is expected of you


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A Modicum of a Freudian Follicle

August 27, 2015

sees the tragedy of a trump
for the strange little damaged boy who could never please his mum
now back to your approved coverage with wolf blitzer


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In Summation

August 26, 2015



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Another Tattoo and Be There

August 25, 2015

put a mysteriously filled soda machine near Abu Ghraib
fill american voters with a sudden urge to wonder what kylie jenner might be up to


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Scripture Sculptor

August 23, 2015

…in this piece we see the promise-fallacy that is The Exceptional Nation’s® wars for-profit juxtaposed against the closed doors of heaven implying that without the backing of Lockheed, Pfizer, Bank of America, The New York Times, Homeland Security or Banksy…all of your arts are belong to us


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August 22, 2015

fear the engineer who builds a better bomb
get your books used from a store that smells of mildew and misunderstood wars of aggression
trade in the prius for a challenger to get there quicker
essence is of the time


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Abstract Voter

August 21, 2015

sooner than later
i will no longer sit with change
so that i might stand with the lesser evil who will be better than the other



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