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“Thanks for all the Hanford” – Indiana

March 31, 2015

cancelling your indiana appearance goes down swell
not cancelling any other never-ending progressive war appearance
goes down like a conservative handjob


Fifth Sunday Art Strolled

March 29, 2015

“this street-art challenges me to think deeper about race, climate change and consumption”
“fucking awesome-cheap bike lock bro!”


Attention Former Hoosiers: Welcome to Seattle! Sorry About the Traffic and Good Luck With the Hanauer Rent

March 29, 2015

© The Vigilant Lens

indiana reminds one of idaho
in that neither has bothered to notice all the progressive never-ending wars of aggression


The Seattle Fusion Center is More Liberal than Yours

March 28, 2015

the rolled yoga mat
a sure sign of inner-tranquility while voting for progressive genocide


When a problem comes along

March 27, 2015

Whip It
#RaceTogether #GetStraight #GoForward
#MoveAhead #TrytoDetectIt #ItsnotTooLate
#ToWhipIt #WhipitGood


Obama and McCain K-i-ss D-o-D

March 26, 2015

global war on your dime
it is endless
it is progressive
and it costs more than a dime


Kevin Bacon

March 24, 2015


first world buying opportunity
third world earning

first world warring opportunity
fourth world learning

first world polluting opportunity
last world standing
is it



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