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Long form Minimalisting

April 24, 2015

he was mere hours
from opening a window and telling the world!
of his somewhat strong feelings for you

but having looked relentlessly for a long-rumored opening device
none would be found


You District

April 24, 2015

full walls of bare irreverence
scream of desires misappropriated


Do more with less more often

April 23, 2015

someone i never met
twice inspired me to do more

i’ve been there
i’ve done that
it’s not enough

twice inspired by someone i never met
to do more

because i haven’t been there
i haven’t done that
it’s not enough
not yet


Planetary Letter of the Day

April 22, 2015

an optimist might look at earth day
as a fine way to plant some flowers upon our graves


Enhanced Believability

April 21, 2015

salvaging judith miller’s vassal
with a photo of john steinbeck’s vessel
is like two photojournalists keeping a watchful eye open for a new photography blog
and then finding a vigilant one had already been doing it
sans all the yellowcake and editors


Cobain warned your mom

April 21, 2015

reduced to attacking the empire with kayaks,
arresting john yoo and cheney then voting for stephen colbert
would have been easier.


The fine art of staying lit

April 20, 2015

stuck between this 4/20 date and
journalism drowning
a mellow place where forever never-ending war ended in like 1986, man



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