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so god made Science just before the farmer

July 28, 2014

WiFi was invented to circumvent
most any tinfoil hat


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I Stood in Bobby Knight’s Corn

July 26, 2014

and all i purchased was the farm


The Open More Curtains as a Metaphor Initiative

July 25, 2014

billions of us stacked upon each other
waiting for the enemies we pay for


Walking Past Literature Shelved

July 24, 2014

through the busy bookstore window
i can hear words screaming
like a wall-mounted photo ignored


Telegenically Alive

July 22, 2014

worshiping another beautiful sunset of the free,
my local Fusion Center, the Blanie Sector
and me


Fascists don’t fear Daylight

July 21, 2014

now we don’t have any Ramones…


Bush II, III and IV

July 20, 2014

bush II is painting in texas
bush III is painting in texas
bush IV will paint in texas
be gone bush
be gone



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