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Welfare Ranching with Extreme Irrelevance

August 29, 2014

taking concrete steps
to avoid leaving an obvious trail
makes it easier to wallow in our mire


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My Niche

August 28, 2014

documenting current events that happened in the past


Don’t Look a Grift Horse in the Mouth via its Ass

August 27, 2014

the apparatus by which

corrupt power can be covered up

is so far beyond our understanding of

the intricacies involved with

delicate movement of board-like objects

from a little to the left

to a little to the other left


Always think ahead for the unthinkable was already thought

August 25, 2014

mind wrung
like calloused hands grasping
at straws
lying at the bottom of an artisan ditch
with no possibility of affordable dental care or


Philosophizing with Kwai Chang Caine

August 24, 2014

this news outlet machine
kills fewer fascists than originally feigned


Ed McMahon

August 23, 2014

a lifetime spent working in many living-class towns
led to a lifetime not living in any
working-class town


Quantitative Easing

August 23, 2014

the lesson missed
is the one given just before we ignore it



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