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Journalism for the Patriot Acted

August 20, 2014

Just because Jake Tapper is new to the Homeland way of life,
doesn’t mean you should stop watching any Kardashian.


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Communicating the value Of

August 18, 2014

Evoking a path well crossed over
a street named art.


It’s your ephemeral salvation Stupid

August 16, 2014

Humankind’s roofline
passive aggressively
touching the sky
while Walker, Texas Ranger
is in reruns somewhere.




August 15, 2014

Traveling back to 1992
to warn myself about me in my favorite bar
only to end up buying my old self
four too many again
thus changing nothing.


Postal Services

August 14, 2014

affordability fixation device


Shopping past the Bush

August 14, 2014

so far
we’ve ignored every genocide,
torture president and wall street Crime that we’ve been expected to.
so far


The I-205 Bridge was supposed to cure Portland of the I-5 one

August 13, 2014

had i known then what i know now
then would have been too much like now



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