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Turn the Knob

May 3, 2015

there’s a place behind
where wars-for-profit are planned
and secrets are created
that keep the not-so-secret secrets, secret
lest we actually rise up and possibly drink a budWeiser in a national park…
Ich bin ein Homelander



May 1, 2015

rock thrown by a Prius as it cleanly hovered by me slow
may day 2015


Blackwater Spoken Word

April 30, 2015

watch out earth!
the economic draft is strong here with us
racism doesn’t end in our cities
schools, banks, stores, police department gulags, parking lots or libraries
we are hungry
we are angry
and we are really, really…really confused


No excuse For

April 29, 2015

It’s the called-for violence that I ignore best


It Doesn’t Take a Snowden to See

April 28, 2015

best to stay just this side of the sign (Iraq)
do not stroll past the sign (Ferguson)
the signs are there (Afghanistan)
but try not to read too much into them (Yemen)
for the sounds seen can be historically threatening (Baltimore)


Kool correlation Aid

April 27, 2015

the next art walk
will be filled with images of progressive war and death on one wall
with the images of conservative war and death filling the other
the art
is in telling them apart


Subtle message Management

April 26, 2015

If you see a green lawn,
say something.



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