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Vigilant iPhoto featuring my new hypocritical innocence Filter

October 25, 2014

standing in Apple’s empty parking lot
wondering which new U2 song the workers
like best


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Gentrification Art from the Commissar Class

October 25, 2014

“Yes, yes. This piece definitely smacks of the postmodern idea of rampant unionization amongst the workers that today’s fast-food ‘types’ have caught wind of.  I mean come on, really? These people would have us all knowing too much about Iraq…which would most certainly lead to the sudden cancellation of Honey Boo Boo.” – Free Wine Drinkers Manifesto


Descending at the speed of light

October 24, 2014

stairs mock the tethered with the promise of implied movement
frequently forgetting the still darkness
of night


#Bansky made me do It

October 23, 2014

nar·cis·sis·tic en·ti·tled home·lan·dian

närsəˈsistik/ inˈtīdld,enˈtīdld/ hom’ landīen


excessive interest in ones’ artistic ability to paint crap all over nature in national parks run amok on instagram…because you can be whatever you want, to anything you desire and paint it wherever you goddamn well feel like it.


Spoken Transit Word

October 22, 2014

humans chained to immovable objects
wheels spin slower than ever
because cars and freedom!
shopping and commuting!
white folks will not ski through trees


Social commentary in a Row

October 21, 2014



and looking for a home


Homogenized for your Consumption

October 21, 2014

the truth is
neatly laid out before you




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