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In Which Michael Chertoff Challenges Tom Ridge to a Game of ‘Name Napolitano’s Replacement Before Regis Philbin Can’

September 29, 2014

profit-free steps
give you the ability to see ISIS from your kitchen window


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Baywatch Killed a Billion

September 28, 2014

the Associated Press has stumbled upon some news,
evidently…we’re all a bit confused.


Beware the Vassal

September 27, 2014

if we never mention Fukushima
maybe it never happened
and we’ll all live happily ever after
in serfdom


No Fine Art to It

September 26, 2014

of all the never-ending war art on a wall, in all the free wine/cheese/cracker joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Eric Holder walks into mine


Elvis died to protect us from Hanford

September 25, 2014


how many banned books will it take
to teach a child about Raytheon’s


Trying to reason your way out of a wet patriot acted Bag

September 24, 2014

repeatedly voting for change
from within the ranks of the same two evils
is like
repeatedly voting for change
from within the ranks of the same two evils


Shallow Phallicism Runs Deep

September 22, 2014

In tonight’s news of rumored education news, Americans are now learning more about world geography from the two places the Democrats haven’t quite gotten around to bombing yet…than from anything else they’ve previously purchased from Jack in The Box.



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