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Matted then Framed

October 8, 2015

ditches are dug by starving artists
crippled by fear of free wine
in plastic cups


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Spokane Basement

October 7, 2015


i missed you
you missed me
some went there together
we came back


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I See Positive People

October 6, 2015

standing beneath the lines of communication

ignoring what all the cows are doing


i can see the berning from here


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#Change: This Time It’ll Be Different

October 5, 2015

your TPP is almost upon the innocents
like some NAFTA on an organic piece of imperialistic toast

embrace our glorious heritage!
learn of our conquests for peace!
work for your freedom,
pay for charlie sheen’s ride into space


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The 8th Art Walk is Free

October 4, 2015

i was with you
but then it got cliquey


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Women and Children and Doctors Without Borders First

October 3, 2015

how many hospitals and schools does a democrat have to bomb
before a republican protests the lack of democrats protesting
the nobel peace prize war machine?


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Half-staffed until next time

October 2, 2015

an empire can’t
if the people won’t

but the people do
so the empire does

it doesn’t rain here much anymore


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