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Recycled Anarchy

April 14, 2014

that one day when
i almost considered recycling a unrecyclable #5 plastic peanut butter jar
that wasn’t even cleaned



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They Only Ban Books in China. And Oregon. And Saudi Arabia. And Idaho.

April 14, 2014

“Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies
They change the course of history
Everyday people like you and me”

- Rage Against the Machine


Journalism 102

April 14, 2014

I like to get my news about empire, torture and war profiteering,
from the empire that practices them.


Homelandian Veggies

April 13, 2014

organically grown in the shade with
Fukushima, Hanford and
sulfur oxidated rain all over it.


It Visualized by It

April 11, 2014

i won’t write correctly
because i think what i thought about it
out loud


Soreback Mountain Sonnet

April 10, 2014

ambition came late
negativity abounds


My Superpower

April 7, 2014

the ability to leap to misinformed conclusions
while misinterpreting my desire
to keep laboring away at what
i shouldn’t be doing



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