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Glorified Iraq

January 31, 2015

my spirit animal today is
114% full freedom-fatted milk of aggression


The last Marshawn Lynch interview was the revolution

January 30, 2015

amongst all the bar brawls, building climbing, air force troubles and imagined conquests
there was that time i ate a bowl of roasted brussels sprouts
atop a goddard clockworks


Other people’s TPP: Yeah you know me

January 29, 2015

my strong hands caress
you tremble, as i kiss my way down your sexy, sweaty body
so close
so close
you recall that Ed McMahon and i would never really deliver


Yes You Should Keep Your $127.14 in Your Bank of America Checking Account

January 28, 2015

i floated here upside down and oarless
just to meet you
and i’d do it again too


While you were packing heat at Walmart…

January 27, 2015

freedom words can be randomly sequenced
to form visuals of
secret DEA license plate readers
tracking you homeland-wide as you shop


Eastwood Say Relax

January 26, 2015

American faces
face American made


Mourning Our Planet From a Coffee Shop Across the Bay From Death

January 25, 2015

Cindy Sheehan ©AlMcCleese/TheVigilantLens


I know that journalists and I frequent the same coffee shop. Just across the bay and within our view, sits the largest weapons storage area on the West Coast.

Still, we all must shop.

Just down the way as a dying orca swims, sits one of the earth’s largest nuclear weapons delivery and storage spots.

Still, I shop too.

There’s four more Navy bases, a Border Patrol garrison, a Coast Guard station, some park rangers and fusion center not too far off.

But still, the view is pretty nice.



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