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Life interacted

December 17, 2014

life held captive on instagram
is liked on a coworkers facebook
before being pinterested by a redditor
who successfully gets it retweeted by 6 people, one of whom then
emails a friend on a yahoo freecycle group who had no intention of ever picking it up
which leads to life ending as a broken link on a still active myspace account


Citi citi bang bang Bank

December 16, 2014

rep. conyers is still contemplating impeaching cheney and bush


Been there Redone that

December 15, 2014

in one of my other lives
i’d have left town by now
moved on to experience
the same mistakes again



December 14, 2014

the legacy i hope to leave behind
a dying planet inhabited by addicts of lies
dependent upon Wolf Blitzer for the truth


Boeing pays as much in taxes as Microsoft thinks it does

December 14, 2014

you can’t have wage slave labor and forever war
without the poets who vote for it


As goes the so goes the

December 12, 2014

the thick black line between us and a dying world
is thinner than advertised


There but for the grace of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go I

December 11, 2014

it’s not like planetary demise will be global in nature




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