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rebeL de la Macklemore

November 29, 2015


the eternally hopeful™
ever hoping that the war profiteering elite
aren’t the ones who show up to save us from ourselves
during the UN climate change summit for the war profiteering elite


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Circular Progress Report

November 28, 2015

yesterday’s education was
based on the contents of the third drawer down,
just a little to the left of the unintelligible insane shit
taught today in that bigger drawer just to the right of it


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Health Insurance Isn’t Free

November 26, 2015

forget today,
think about tomorrow!

life will be cheaper than stuff.

stuff will be cheaper than life!

will be viral.


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Empire Says What?

November 25, 2015

calm like a
cool as a
twitter is trending while
facebook is reading your hard drive for amazon


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Smoke ‘Em While The Road Still Goes to Walmart

November 24, 2015

if i were tony robbins,
i’d tell you to pay me first for my inspirational message…
because russia has had just about enough of us.


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Sting Tax

November 23, 2015


never-ending expensive war
is cheaper when poets, priests and dishwashers ignore it.


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Gross National Product

November 22, 2015

art grants
doled out by the official
adam sandler


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