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Lockheed Reads The Stranger When Wars are Over

July 31, 2014

love is working for the weekend
because i need to buy you the things it takes
to keep you iPhone’d and in tattoos.


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your local Fusion Center fears hashtagged words

July 30, 2014

we can’t get to #Gaza
without having voted for Iran-Contra.
we couldn’t have gotten a #GITMO
without voting for #NAFTA.
voting for #palin was like voting for #reagan who would have voted for #obama.
#bush had a better #lockbox than #al…
#NSA, #BofA and the #Lakota


Patriot acted says What?

July 29, 2014

automatic for the people!
but listen we never
learn we will not
passive regressive defined


so god made Science just before the farmer

July 28, 2014

WiFi was invented to circumvent
most any tinfoil hat


I Stood in Bobby Knight’s Corn

July 26, 2014

and all i purchased was the farm


The Open More Curtains as a Metaphor Initiative

July 25, 2014

billions of us stacked upon each other
waiting for the enemies we pay for


Walking Past Literature Shelved

July 24, 2014

through the busy bookstore window
i can hear words screaming
like a wall-mounted photo ignored



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