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Surviving the mundane war on verisimilitude

October 31, 2014

the horrors of everyday life elsewhere
would haunt my waking hours
if not for my knowledge
that Costco would be closed for thanksgiving


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The Hipster Gods are Smirking

October 30, 2014

Port Townsend, the 98368
putting the ou812
into the Beverly Hills, 90210
since at least when Dylan McKay moved here


Empty billionaire wind

October 29, 2014

longing for truth related journalism
while waiting for the prosecution of America’s war criminals
is often proven to be like longing for the prosecution of America’s war criminals
while waiting for truth related journalism to tell you about it


Can’t Count The Melvins albums on 3 hands

October 27, 2014

art can move people
though Sub Pop has ended nearly zero wars


They can’t have a productive monday without you

October 27, 2014

i’ve straddled the line of demarcation
imaginary in its girth
impressive in how well it works


Rotary Phone: push buttons fonetically for Phreedum

October 26, 2014

skooled in the fine art of reagan food bank survival
my spellin and passing algebra left behind in
the Ⓐmerican fake-cheese struggle


Vigilant iPhoto featuring my new hypocritical innocence Filter

October 25, 2014

standing in Apple’s empty parking lot
wondering which new U2 song the workers
like best



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