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Like a Wyland Bridge Over V-Pod Waters: The Sermon

July 27, 2019

And when the mountain goats fly over the Sound to some other gated community hills above the hubris, among the detritus…Wyland will return! to begin again his mural…his mural of the great dying fish (mammal!) on a hotel wall that is located…just downwind of the latest raw sewage spill equaling 3 million gallonsnear! the poisoned Duwamish, near! the PFAS, near! the forever-wars, near! the runoff of something like 6 million Puget Sounders with a nasty pumpkin spice N’ legal heroin problem.

Doll steak.
Test meat.
Pass the plate.



  1. July 27, 2019 11:55

    Wow, VL, you’re a regular Robert Freeze. Excellent.

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    • July 29, 2019 09:25

      I like to pretend there’s a mix of Robert Sund, old beer and experiences from my years-long stint as a park ranger where you get to observe what people will do to the bathrooms, each other in tents and the kids they drag along with them. Not so much a Col. Kurtz “horror” but more of a “holy shit this does not bode well less than 20 years from now.”

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